Friday, April 18, 2014

Dream Cars: Rita Hayworth's Ghia Cadillac

One of my first cars was a Toyota something or other and every time I opened the door, slightly depressed, I thought: this car does not represent who I am.  Cars, like clothing, express who you are.  And cars, like clothing, can be an expression of both practicality and dreams. 

Since then I have owned a BMW 5 series and probably my favorite car, an Audi S6 station wagon - yes, a station wagon.  But this Audi station wagon was a Beast!  Black on black and with awesome 340 horsepower.  0 to 60 in a few seconds and very satisfying for merging on the LIE. Now, I have a BMW X5 and while I love it because, in world of potholes, it makes driving in Manhattan a little easier and it is a SUV with some attitude.  

But I am always looking, always dreaming about my dream car... sometimes it is the Fiat Gucci 500 but then I am not really sure that that kind of flash is really me either and I have two children, two dogs, one bunny and a husband and a whole lot of stuff I am usually dragging from New York to Long Island and back again.  Thank goodness our fish, Bubble 07, can stay in New York...

I really kind of love muscle cars and to my son's delight I rented a Challenger when I was in Los Angeles recently - but then my son was super annoyed when he realized I passed on a Camaro.  But I loved the Challenger in white and it was really fun driving it around in LA. And the parking valets were always happy to get 'The Stallion' for a girl.  

So about Dream Cars.  Rita Hayworth.  The Bombshell who married the Aga Kahn who bought his wife a white Ghia Cadillac circa 1950s .  The Rita Hayworth Cadillac is now a deep candy-apple red and was restored and exhibited at the LaJolla Concours.  Vintage car chic...  is it me?  Is it you?  I guess like any horse with some horsepower, maybe we need a stable...

Special thanks to my husband who showed me Rita Hayworth's car and most certainly did not approve this post... : )

love, kisses and what dream cars may come, Juliana

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Something New: Saint Laurent

Because woman can not live by vintage alone...

a pair of vintage inspired Saint Laurent shoes that will make your feet feel happy!  I have a pair of leopard spotted Stella McCartney kitten heels and I love them because I can run for a taxi, rush down the subway stairs, drop the children off to school, all the while looking good and feeling comfy.  And now I am obsessing over these 80s inspired Saint Laurent kitten heels... and loving the sparkly socks too!

love, kisses and feet just want to have fun, Juliana

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lanvin: Now and Then

Are you following Lanvin's Instagram?  If not, you should be because every Thursday they post an exclusive image from the Jeanne Lanvin archive.

I love this beautiful and stunning piece of embroidery from Madame Lanvin's private workshop.  Such a beautiful shade of blue!  I can only imagine the gorgeous frock this might have adorned...

1927 embroidery sample from Jeanne Lanvin's private workshop.  Photo from Lanvin Instagram
love, kisses and vintage Lanvin, Juliana

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cecil Beaton, Millicent Rogers, The Maid and Charles James #3

"Charles James is a superb tailor in satin and has affinities with the French in his master craftsmanship and attention to detail.  He was naturally delighted that her (Millicent Rogers) orders should be so extensive, for it kept his business thriving.  But after having put so much time into the making of four dozen blouses (yes, you read that right: an order for four dozen Charles James blouses!) which he felt were destined for Manhattan Storage, he rebelled.  When Mrs. Rogers maid telephoned a further order, Charles James complained, "Why, Mrs. Rogers is nothing but a hoarder!"

The maid replied, "Not a hoarder, Mr James, a collector!" True to the maid's words, in 1949 Millicent Rogers presented tot he Brooklyn Museum a collection of clothes created for her by Charles James."
Cecil Beaton

Millicent Rogers in a Charles James bouse.  Photo by Louise Dahl Wolfe
love, kisses and classic Charles James, Juliana

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Arted-up Hermes!

I have always considered fashion an art form - although, most certainly, not all fashion is art - there are a few artists creating (or who have created) mind boggling beautiful and intricate work that sets our imaginations soaring and our hearts pounding from their pure beauty and artisanship. 

And then there are also designers who collaborate with artists like, famously,  Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali. There is a new trend (or the beginning of a new trend) for Arted-up Birkins and I have to say I really love it and think it makes a great gift...  hint, hint : )

It all started with Kim Kardashian. Sccccrrratch!  I know.  But - and a big but here ; ) I think Kanye West gave her an amazing Christmas gift with a George Condo painted ginormous Birkin.

Kim Kardashian's George Condo painted Birkin

I love it and although I would never choose that size because it looks more like luggage and less like a bag - the painting and the thought is just incredible.

And in the recent fashion weeks, in some city, I have forgotten which one, I saw this other arted-up Birkin...

love, kisses and arted-up Hermes, Juliana

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Was Re-Opening the Trunks of My Past: Romeo Gigli

"Callaghan was dripping with baroque embroidery, Afghan jewelry, echoes of Byzantine churches, Russian ballets and Paul Poiret.  For the first time, I was re-opening the trunks of my past, of everything I had hidden away in my deepest reaches, and which had pushed me into fashion." 
Romeo Gigli

Just in at RARE vintage: Arsenic and Black Fringe

I guess two of my least favorite things in fashion would have to be a sheath dress and a plain black bag.  I know they are staples of many women's wardrobe but I find them depressingly boring.  I want Drama, Romance, I want to time travel, I want to be a heroine in a book, I want to fall madly, deeply and passionately in love...  

"Gigli's women are sumptuously swathed and ethereally detached."
Amy Spindler

That describes me to a T: sumptuously swathed and ethereally detached : )

How beautiful is this arsenic green silk and fringed Romeo Gigli for Callaghan circa 1988 jacket?!  Don't you just want to be sumptuously swathed and elegantly detached too...

Late 1980s Romeo Gigli fringed jacket.  Available for purchase at RARE vintage. or 212.581.7273
please reference Gigli/Callaghan arsenic fringe jacket

love, baci and vintage Gigli, Juliana

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Diana Vreeland and Charles James #2

Leading up to Charles James: Beyond Fashion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I will be posting quotes about and from Charles James.  

"He would far rather work and rework a beautiful dress ordered for a certain party than have that dress appear at that party."
Diana Vreeland on Charles James

Now, nearly 100 pieces of James' work will be all be dressed up and ready for the party of the year on May 5th at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

love, kisses and vintage Charles James, Juliana

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Just in: Swans in Schon. A Fine and Exceptional Mila Schon Beaded Ensemble. Part Three.

Swans in Schon.  Part Three.

One of the most iconic images from Truman Capote's famed Black and White Ball is of the fabulous Marella Agnelli wearing a fabulous beaded Mila Schon caftan with her fabulously handsome and elegant husband Gianni Agnelli.  It was all too, too fabulous!

Mrs. Agnelli's Mila Schon caftan is now in the collection of the V & A in London and is included in the exhibition set to open April 5th: The Glamour of Italian Fashion.

1966 Mila Schon.  Collection V & A Museum.  Gift of Madame Agnelli

It is very rare to find these 1960s pieces by Mila Schon but I am thrilled and excited to have found a few!  One of which has similar embroidery to Marella Agnelli's caftan - only ours is a haute bohemian long tunic top with a high slit in the middle and a pair of softly draped harem pants (and the harem pants totally work as a part of this ensemble!)

1960s Mila Schon beaded tunic and pants available for purchase at RARE vintage. or phone 212.581.7273

love, baci and vintage Mila Schon, Juliana

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fashion Will You Still Love Me, Will You Still Need Me When I'm...

For the latest in my series, Fashion Will You Still Love Me, Will You Still Need Me When I'm une femme d'un certain age, is this FABULOUS woman from The Sartorialist.  She is wearing a F/W 2013 Prada gingham coat with chinchilla muff cuffs and what looks like a scarf she tied and knotted herself (and which I am promptly going to try myself : ).  I love the whole look, the sunglasses, the earrings and that she is very trendy but also timeless... and isn't she not only super chic and stylish but beautiful?!  So much more so then someone pulled and plumped.

Photo by The Sartorialist

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fashionably Late

Unfortunately, I am late without the fashionable part.  Somehow this week I missed a book signing of one of my favorite designers, Dries Van Noten at Barneys for his new book, Dries Van Noten: Inspirations and the launch of the Ines de la Fressange collection for Uniqlo : (  It looks like all of the really good pieces are sold out online so I will have to see what is left in the stores and maybe if there is a signed book leftover at Barneys...

Best dressed at the dinner for Dries at the home of Barneys CEO Mark Lee goes to Dalane Conterato wearing current season Dries floral pajama pants, a black tank and a floral vest and a textured sandal.  I could wear this every single day.

and a few of my favorite Ines de la Fressange Uniqlo pieces...

love kisses and fashionably late, Juliana

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Inspiration of the Day: Schiaparelli

I can't tell you what exactly this is inspiration for right now but I can not wait until I can!  Stay tuned!

Schiaparelli Pagan hat from 1938.  Collection V & A Museum.
Gift of Lady Alexandria Trevor-Roper

love, baci and getting buggy, Juliana

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I Dreamt of Soft Pink Petals and Petticoats...

I saw this image of a Christian Dior haute couture dress on Tina Laakkonen's Instagram and swooned.  Seriously swooned.  Like I needed a little whiff of J'Adore parfum to rouse me from my swoon.  This is a dress for a heroine in a novel.  She is quirky, witty, she loves grandeur.  And it is truly and unbelievably beautiful...

Look 38 from Raf Simons for Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2013 haute couture

love, kisses and a little Dior haute couture, Juliana

Let Go of My Lego

My latest obsession is a set of legos.  

But not Legos my children would covet - well, my daughter might... There is Lego Karl, Lego Marc, Lego Alber and Lego Donatella.  They are super adorable and unexpected and were made exclusively for Harper's Bazaar which I thought meant that they would be available on Shop Bazaar but alas they do not seem to actually be for sale.  Grrr.  

love, kisses and Legoless, Juliana

Monday, March 24, 2014

Master of Couture: David Pedroza

I am thrilled and excited to announce my first contributing editor to the RARE vintage blog, David Pedroza, whose monthly column will be called Master of Couture.  David understands the inner mysteries of haute couture like no one else I have ever met and, not only, is he a devotée of haute couture and fashion history but he also creates beautiful, old school, French haute couture by his own self-trained petits mains.  

He is very opinionated as a Master should be and it is always an honor and an enlightenment to listen to him speak about the complex subtleties of vintage haute couture and that is how we came up with the idea of his writing a monthly column for RARE vintage.

Read on...

Forquet and his Gold Dress.

When Federico Forquet designed this graphic pattern, lamé gown, the whole concept of design relied on the beauty and integrity of the fabric.  Federico Forquet favored bold, geometric prints that had become popular in the 1960s, especially among Italian designers such as Emilio Pucci, Princess Irene Galitizine and Simonetta.

The blouson sheath silhouette is the perfect back drop to the beautiful, yarn-died, woven, graphic pattern of silk and metal lamé fabric, most likely woven in Como Italy.  Don't expect this quality of fabric to be hanging on the racks of Bergdorf Goodman.

Although simple in shape, the dress is meticulously constructed.  Mr. Forquet was one of the darlings of the Italian Alta Moda, or haute couture, during his brief career when he opened his own atelier in 1962 until 1971 when he closed his house to focus on interior and garden design.  Having been trained by Balenciaga, he applied the art of haute couture workmanship into every piece he made, no matter how simple.

The rich lamé fabric is backed, not lined, in silk organza, to be soft against the skin, while keeping the grain and structure on the outer shell.

The hallmarks of of haute couture finishing, such as, hand-over-cast edges, grosgrain waist stays, and hand stitched facings are all integrated in this seemingly simple dress.

The top of the dress is cut on the bias, which allows ease and softness without the aid of seams, ties at the lower back, making this dress effortless and easy to wear.  What I found most interesting was the hem, which has been stiffened with nylon crinoline, and partially lined in China silk, to keep its shape and fall away from the body ending in a slight train.

Any woman with means and the life style on the search for a hostess ensemble would flock to Forquet for simple day dresses, pajamas, coats and evening dresses that reflected a happy and vivacious lifestyle.  To this day, this dress has the same appeal it did nearly fifty years ago and would still be the most perfect hostess ensemble to entertain your guests at home.

David Pedroza
Master of Couture

1966 Federico Forquet Lamé Gown available for purchase at RARE vintage. or phone 212.581.7273

*I am always interested in purchasing any pieces by the great Italian couturier Federico Forquet for RARE vintage, please feel free to email or phone, if you have a piece you would like to part with.


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