Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bare and Beautiful

I like a clean face.  Clean, moist and simple.  Maybe it is an aftershock (long felt) from wearing Chanel purple eyeshadow (the horror) from my lashes all the way to my eyebrows in the 80s when I was in  high school (yikes!  wish I had a photo but glad I do not: ) I do not wear much make up.  And even when I do wear make up, Cliff, my make up artist from Tom Ford for Met galas, etc... peers closely and intently into my face and wonders where exactly the "make up" is. 

But my bare faced 'make up' has been vindicated in the latest Celine ad campaign featuring a fetchingly beautiful and bare faced, Daria Werbowy...

so there! and be bare and beautiful, Juliana

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Feathery Fascinator and Avedon

Taking inspiration from this 1995 photo of Stephanie Seymour by Avedon with our just in at RARE vintage feathery fascinator made in France...

Stephanie Seymour by Avedon

What's new and vintage at RARE vintage...

Beatrice Lissague feathered fascinator with dotted veil available for purchase here
xo, Juliana

Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Monday! Porthault Sale is On!

I love Porthault sheets and towels.  In my last post on Givenchy's guest bedroom for Mrs. Mellon, Givenchy had Mrs. Mellon's bed ready and waiting with white Porthualt sheets sprigged with blue flowers.  The Duchess of Windsor loved Porthault sheets adorned with a generous amount of embroidery and a copious amount of coronets : )  The artist Jacqueline Duheme painted Jackie Kennedy resting up in London ensconced comfortably in a lovely set of pink and white Porthault sheets.  And lest you think Porthault is just for grande dames, those arbiters of cool, Inez van Lamswerde and Vinoodh Matadin love Porthault sheets for their home and even for their ad campaigns.

And I especially love Porthault sheets and towels on sale!

Jacqueline Duheme 'Resting Up, London'
Duchess of Windsor's Porthault sheets

Photo from Inez's Instagram

Inez and Vinoodh ad campaign for their jean collaboration with Frame Denim.

xo, Juliana

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Givenchy's Bedroom and the Bunny Guest Room

I don't know about you but I spend a lot of time in my bedroom.  It is a peaceful place, next to my bathroom where my every morning and every evening is spent amidst elixirs and creams and it is near to my closet.  Bedrooms are important, it is where kids, dogs and bunnies all pile onto your bed, you can read a book, catch up on magazines, cuddle next to your husband, putter around in your closet, discover things you had forgotten about, and at the end of a long day tuck yourself into bed in between Porthault or John Robshaw sheets, relax and dream...  one of the things I dream about and read about are bedrooms.  Two bedrooms I love are in the South of France in Le Clos Fiorentina.

Le Clos Fiorentina has a very storied past which I am sure you know all about.  Since 1985 it has been owned by the retired couturier, Hubert de Givenchy.  Givenchy's bedroom is an oasis of beautiful calm in shades of white, a pale light floor and one of my favorite things about this room is the bench at the end of the bed covered in books.  C'est parfait!

The photo above is a little too yellow and I think the one below is probably a little more accurate.

The other bedroom I adore for its pretty calm and beauty is the guest bedroom Givenchy had made for his great friend and fellow tastemaker, Mrs. Rachel 'Bunny' Mellon.  Mrs. Mellon's room has a canopy bed with crisp blue and white Porthault sheets and a pretty pink chair with a blue pillow.

It is a restful calm place - just as a bedroom should be.  And it has a lovely bath too!

Don't you just love the lion head faucet, the unusual blue and white rattan basket and the linen closet lined in wallpaper with neatly folded stacks of linens and towels.

xo, Juliana

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Borrowed Jewelry: The Bulgari Serpenti Necklace

My favorite look from last Sunday's Golden Globes was Naomi Watts.

She looked like a movie star.  

Everyone else was a tad Vegas for me.  I have not seen so many sequins and flash in a long time.

She also wore (in case you did not notice : ) a Bugari Serpenti diamond necklace.  It is ahhh-mazing!

Who was her dress by?  Who cares!  It was a great shade of yellow, looked wonderful on her but it was all about the necklace.  But not totally.  It was the complete package.  She looked perfect and everything worked together.

She has worn the Serpenti necklace before.

You can not quite tell it is the same necklace until she turns around...

and Bulgari and Naomi added an extra pear shaped diamond...

I hope she buys the necklace - it really suits her.  I love that she has worn it more then once.  That is style.

At the recent Bulgari store opening in Hong Kong the Taiwanese actress, Shu Qi, wore the same or a similar necklace...

but it does not have the same effect.  Naomi wore it like she owned it, not borrowed it.

Even some bunnies have borrowed the Bulgari Serpenti necklace : )

but they looked like they owned it too!

xo, Juliana

Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Kate Moss!

I think this quote from the artist Marc Quinn really sums up what it is about Kate Moss that has made her such a successful model and a style icon...

"Her image is elusive, and you can never fix it.  Even if you make it in solid gold, another image will appear.  If you think you've taken the definitive photograph, you never have.  It's a special quality, which means she continues to carry on and gets more and more mythical.  It's the mystery of the Sphinx.
Marc Quinn

Marc Quinn.  Sphinx.

A few of my favorite Kate Moss looks:

This is probably a vintage dress but worn with a short slip - looks so amazing and Manolo Blahnik white Mary Janes...  Kate Moss loves vintage and it is just another reason to love her : )

A vintage leopard coat, a vintage creme brûlée colored chiffon dress, a Chanel bag and nails painted a dark red with moons left bare...

in Chanel for her birthday party:

on holiday:

and Kate Moss in John Galliano from yours truly, RARE vintage : ) with John Galliano...

and painted by Lucien Freud...

xo, Juliana

"Your Eyes are the Eyes of a Woman in Love"

Damn straight sister!  I love, love, love the Valentino pre-fall collection.  It is my perfect world: Valentino's world and the vintage world of Celia Birtwell.  Celia Birtwell's world is a magical place, lushly landscaped with inspiration from Sandro Botticelli's La Primavera.  And Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli's world is the wonderful world of Valentino - a perfect placed filled with memories of  Mr. Valentino but thoroughly placed in the present... and in the future because we unfortunately will not see these clothes for a few months.  But as Pierpaolo Piccoli said, "We want to believe in a fantastic future."

Yes we do...

Some of my favorites:

I have to start with the denim culottes - they are too good:

Fly me to the moon and let me dance among the stars:

The power is in the Birtwell flower:

Valentino Pre-Fall 2015.  All photos from
xo, Juliana

p.s. The quote in the title is from the artist, Giosetta Fioroni, who also collaborated on this collection.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Audrey Hepburn, The Basket Bag and Saint Laurent

I was just looking through the small book on Audrey Hepburn, Audrey in Rome, which is full of casual photos of well, Audrey in Rome.  There is a small section devoted to Audrey Hepburn's basket bag - which she even carried in the winter and paired with a fur coat.  It would never occur to me wear a basket bag in the winter let alone with a fur coat but AH manages to pull it off.  

Photos from Audrey in Rome.

And then on I saw a studded version of the basket bag by Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent.  Brilliant!  Cool! Must have!  Thank you Audrey!

Now the question is: to wear or not to wear with a winter coat...

Saint Laurent studded bag available for purchase here.

xo, Juliana

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Faye Dunaway!

After I saw Chinatown for the first time, I ran out and bought myself a bright red lipstick.  I  loved the way Faye Dunaway looked in Chinatown: soigné and sexy, riding horses bareback in her thin white blouse, tan leather belt and jodhpurs.  

And it just got better.  Later she showed up for dinner with Jack Nicholson's character, Mr Gittes, in a black dress with a plunging neckline, a long strand of big milky white pearls and a snug black hat with a veil.  And red lips.  

The costumes were by Anthea Sylbert, who also did the costumes for Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby and Jessica Lange in King Kong.  Not quite sure what happened to her because she stopped doing costume design in the late 1970s...

In 1967, there was Bonnie and Clyde and Faye Dunaway with her blonde bob and just looking incredibly beautiful.  

Later there was The Three Musketeers and Network.  She always looked amazing.  Truthfully, other then getting to kiss Steve McQueen, the best accessory a girl could ask for, I did not love the wardrobe from The Thomas Crown Affair.  I much preferred Rene Russo's Michael Kors costumes from the 1999 version.  

And then of course there was Mommie Dearest with Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford percolating coffee in her bathroom, scrubbing her nails clean, washing her face, rinsing it with water from a bowl filled with ice cubes - and then her glass doored walk in closet... it was too too fabulous - and as I live in a wire hanger free home too, I was all about Mommie Dearest : )

Happy Birthday Faye Dunaway!  

xo, Juliana


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